Summit Improves Their Website With Several Important Features
Published by SummitChem
September 19, 2011

Summit…responsible has performed several important updates recently that should be brought to consumer, distributor, and retailers attention.

First, Summit has added a product locator feature to the site. With more than 3,000 independent vendor locations across the country, Summit hopes to allow consumers better access to their entire product offering in close proximity to their homes.

Zach Cohen, Vice President of Visual Marketing and Development believes in his Company’s ability to address the location of products for the consumer market. “Our hope is that the location feature will drastically improve the ability of individual shoppers, alerted by our extensive advertising and marketing campaigns of where to find our products.  Additionally, it will provide the listed retailers an opportunity to service more customers.” says Cohen.

Secondly, Summit has provided Frequently Asked Questions links for their well known Mosquito Dunks@ and their Year-Round Horticultural Spray Oils.  These links can be found on their associated product pages.

For more information about Summit products, visit the website at
Click here to download this Press Release as a pdf.

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