Summit Responsible Solutions® Listed by Essential Home and Garden in The Best Mosquito Killers
Published by SummitChem
February 26, 2020

With so many products out there, it is hard to stand out as being one of the top. That is why Summit Responsible Solutions® is proud to announce that they are listed by Essential Home and Garden for their latest article on The Best Mosquito Killers.

Essential Home and Garden offers their readers reviews, guides and tips for the home and garden. One product that is listed in their article is Summit Responsible Solutions® Mosquito Bits. Mosquito bits are noted as the “Editor’s Choice” in the article. Mosquito bits are designed specifically for mosquito larvae and will not harm other species or humans.   

The second product that is in the article is Mosquito and Gnat Barrier. This products is designed for you to be able to enjoy your backyard, without pesky insects. It works on mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks, and more for up to four weeks.

About Summit Responsible Solutions®

With the spread of diseases today, finding a good pest control company is crucial. Not only that, but finding one that cares about the environment, too. Summit Responsible Solutions® is reliable, safe and thinks about the environment with every one of their products.

Summit has over 50 years of experience, in which they have built a reputation as an industry leader in production efficiency, while always promoting environmental quality and responsibility. They have recently added “Green” insecticides to its line that includes the enviro-friendly Mosquito Dunks and Year-Round Spray Oils.

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