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At Summit Chemical Co. we strive to promote and develop novel solutions to homeowners, and provide industry professionals products and expertise. Involved in the formulation and manufacturing industries for over 50 years, Summit Chemical has developed a reputation as an industry leader in production efficiency, while always promoting environmental quality and responsibility. Using Summit’s Responsible Solutions for your pest control problems, feel confident you chose cutting-edge, eco-friendly products, produced with the highest quality and integrity. Our staff is armed with the knowledge and experience to aid even the busiest technician in a rough spot.

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Summit Chemical & Mosquito Control
Summit Chemical Company’s industry organization memberships include:

In the recent past, Summit Chemical Company has pursued the addition of  “Green” insecticides to its line that includes the enviro-friendly Mosquito Dunks and Year-Round Spray Oils. While safety and environmental health are integral parts of Summit’s creed, proper function is never overlooked. Here at Summit, we stand behind the quality of all our products and truly believe if used properly, they will satisfy even the most skeptical of consumers.

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