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2010 Summit Chemical Product Catalog BrochureFeatures our Consumer-Oriented Product Inventory

Summit Canadian-CatalogProduct catalog for our Canadian audience

2010 Insecticides-BrochureFeatures our Flying Insect Foggers and Ready-to-use Insecticides

Hot Items FlyerSPRING into SUMMER with responsible solutions from Summit®— featuring organic horticultural oil for household plants and garden use, the best selling mosquito control, and clear water pond control.

Face Flies_8x11(o)Kills Face Flies, Stable, Horn, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, and other Insects Listed

Bebugs_8x11Kills Bedbugs, Fleas, Lice, and Other Insects Listed.

Fogging Insecticides FlyerFeatures our Flying Insect Foggers and Ready-to-use Insecticides

Clear-Water Barley Staw Extract Sell SheetA Safe & Natural Alternative to Treat Cloudy Water in Decorative Garden and Fish Ponds

Clear-Water Barley Planter Sell SheetImproves water quality. Beatifies and protects


Kills Bedbugs Flyer – Permacide-P1Fleas, Lice and Other Insects Listed

Barley Flakes Pond Treatment FlyerClear-Water Barley Flakes keeps the water in your pond clean and clear

Clear-Water Barley Straw for Livestock FlyerKeeps the water in watering troughs clean and clear for longer

EZ Lawn Seeder FlyerFertilizer, Grass Seed & Water All At Once! Fertilizer, Grass Seed & Water All At Once!

Kills Face Flies Flyer – Permacide-P1Kills face flies, stable, horn, deer flies and mosquitoes on contact and protects for up to four weeks!

Lobel LeafletMosquito Dunks® – The safest, most practical and convenient mosquito larvicide available.

Summit Display Sell SheetSummit ® is offering a high-end point-of-purchase merchandiser with a professional quality design

Summit Mosquito HeaderLarge display graphic

Mosquito Dunks FAQs SheetMosquito Dunks® from Summit are a safe, nontoxic way to control mosquitoes before they become flying, biting, disease-carrying adults

Year-Round Spray Oil FAQs SheetSummit Year-Round® Spray Oil is horticultural oil that kill and repel a multitude of insects on a wide variety of plants without synthetic toxins. For organic production.

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