Our History

Summit Chemical Company was founded in 1959 manufacturing its own formulations just east of Baltimore City in the neighborhood of Chase. 7657 Canton Center Drive would continue as Summit’s central site of operations until October of 2005, when it relocated to Baltimore City Proper. The new location at 235 South Kresson Street, is a larger free-standing complex, with the potential to increase endeavors in all of Summit’s business interests.

Summit Chemical Co. was founded by Lawrence Kase, an expert in food technology with a masters degree in microbiology. Fluent in the Food Production Industry, Kase developed several insecticidal formulations, many are still available today. In the early years, Summit’s customers included the many food packaging companies located in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. In Pest Control for the Food Production Industry, Summit enjoyed its early success, Mr. Kase’s expertise in this area was of exceptional value in both sales, as well as application and expertise.

As time passed Summit established itself as a partner to many of the Pesticide Industries manufacturing giants, supplying and distributing to area pest control professionals. By the mid-nineteen seventies Summit’s customer base had expanded to include Food Production, Government Agencies, and Pest Control Professionals.

A New Discovery and a Novel Formulation
It was not until the discovery of a unique species specific, toxic bacteria, Bacillus thurengiensis subspecies israeliensis (Bti) that the wheels of Summit’s manufacturing aptitude was realized. The BTI Briquets are a sustained-release mosquito larvicide, which causes mortality before the mosquito emerges as a flying, biting adult.

After “perfecting” the Briquet manufacturing process, the product became the benchmark larvicide for Vector Disease Control Professionals and to this day is sold world-wide to the industry. Since its inception, the Bti Briquets have been used effectively in controlling mosquitoes, the world’s largest vector of disease, and combating the spread of malaria and dengue fever.

During the late 1980’s “Bti Briquets” were sold exclusively to Mosquito Abatement Professionals. After requests by homeowners, hearing of the product through word of mouth, and acknowledgement that it could be freely used by anyone to control a backyard population, with no risk of ecological or bodily harm, Summit began to produce a homeowner label, the “Mosquito Dunks”. Since then the Mosquito Dunks have become a staple in many homes around the world.

An Old Threat Arrives in the New World
At the end of the 1990’s West Nile Virus was accidentally introduced into the United States and since then has spread to all lower 48 states. Most recently this disease and others that loom on the close horizon, have been the subject of mosquito control across the United States. Preventing the outbreak became a secondary selling point for an already valued product. Summit Chemical Company is and will continue to be committed to the battle against this and other such diseases in both the homeowner and professional markets.

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